Thursday, September 16, 2021

Two Color Tonal Quilt Challenge


We came up with a new challenge.  Make a 2 color quilt, but instead of using just 2 fabrics, use as many fabrics as you want, but keep them in the same color family.  Above is the photo that inspired the challenge.  You can get a free copy of the patterns in the photo by clicking this link.  Your quilt can be any size.  You can even make this quilt for your charity quilt donation if you want.  In that case, your quilt should be a generous lap-size quilt with a total of at least a diameter of 240 inches.  For example, 60" x 60", or 58" x 72", etc.

Feel free to bring your progress blocks to the next meetings.  The challenge will be due in June, 2022.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fidgit Quilt Challange

This is a donation challenge.  Please make a Fidget Quilt to donate to a local Memory Care facility.

Fidget Quilts are small, about the size of a placemat, but special because they give the user something to do with their hands.  It can be very soothing to the recipient.  There's a post, under the Tutorials tab at the top of the page.

I'm hoping to get 100% participation in this challenge, that would mean about 20 Fidget Quilts to donate in July.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Charm Pack Challenge

It's time for a new Challenge.  The Charm Pack Challenge!

First of all, what the heck is a Charm Pack?  Most of us have, use and love charm packs, but here's what they are:

A Charm is a 5" x 5" square of fabric. Depending on the fabric company, each Charm Pack normally contains at least one of each print in the collection. Most packs have around forty-two pieces, which means there can be duplicates and even triplicates of some prints. Charm squares are great for easy patchwork quilts.

KICK OFF: TVMQG March meeting.

THEME: Make it with a Charm Pack!  Make a quilt or quilted item using the pieces from a Charm Pack.

DIRECTIONS: Use at least one modern charm pack to create your project.  The square can be whole or cut up, use your creativity to transform them, into a unique and interesting design.

FABRIC AND PALETTE: Use at least one Charm Pack of your choice.

QUILT SIZE: There is no size restriction. Keep in mind that an average Charm Pack with 42 squares will create a quilt that is 27 x 31-½ inches.

DUE DATE: Bring your completed projects for Show and Tell at our September 2018 meeting.

Here's a hint, a Layer Cake is 10" x 10" square, buy a Layer Cake, slice it in quarters and you have four ready-made Charm Packs!

Another hint, Moda Bake Shop has tons of free tutorials using pre-cuts, click here to see the Charm Pack ideas.

Did you know that TVMQG has a Pinterest account?  We have a board for Charm Square Quilts, too!

Have Fun!


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Paint Chip Challenge

Paint Chip Challenge

How it works:

Each participant will draw two paint chips at random

You can add one other color of your choice, or draw an additional chip for a real challenge.

You can add one neutral.

Make a quilted project using those colors.  Fabric can be solids or prints.

Project due in February, 2018.